The "Feel" of the American Accent

So you have those R's and T's down but still aren't sounding American.

You're in the right place!

In this course, we level up your accent skills by going over the "big picture" items: the melody, stress words, rhythm, and flow of the American accent. In the last section, learn imitation techniques that will help you pick up any accent!

This course is complete with practice sentences and downloadable homework handouts. It can be completed before, after, or during the vowel course (or you can use it all on its own!)

Hi, I’m Audrey LeCrone!

Sometimes I have long hair, sometimes I have short hair.

I teach accents, communication skills, and public speaking to people all over the world. Coaching both famous actors and professionals in all different fields, I am passionate about making dialect work fun and accessible. And it works! In 2021 my client won an Oscar, Golden globe, BAFTA, NAACP, and SAG award for his portrayal of a very accent heavy role.

Now I'm here to teach YOU all my secrets to mastering a general American dialect! Whether you're an actor, business professional, parent, or anything in between, I've designed this course to be effective for anyone who grew up outside of the US.

Yes, I want to learn how to turn on an American accent!


"I just finished Audrey’s General American online course. I’m an actress from France living in the USA and I have to say, I wish I had this available when I first started my journey to master the American accent. For having listened to so many YouTube channels and podcasts, I can tell you that this has everything from sounds to pitch patterns and reductions and even imitation exercises.

If you’re a beginner in this journey, you just found a gold mine. If you’re advanced like I was, this helped me so much review things I had forgotten and dive deeper into things I really needed to work on. And even with a few years of studying behind me, I learned brand new stuff that blew my mind!

I found this program at a point where I really felt stuck and lost because I was close to my goal but at the same time I had no clarity on what I had left to learn. Now I do, and it really makes me emotional because I now know I can do this. It might take me a little more time but at least I know why. I love that I can always have that program open on my computer and review certain chapters I need to work on anytime I want to."

--Manon Pages