Kaitlyn Akinpelumi


"Audrey is an incredible dialect coach, but also a lovely person with a strong work ethic who goes above and beyond for her clients. She works a lot on placement and helps you physically create sounds in your own voice so you really 'live' in the accent and don't just put it on -- crucial for an actor."

Fazard R.


“I am a researcher. I felt embarrassed while I was doing interviews or holding workshops in English. Attending Audrey’s accent training course was a miracle. Her great instructions and strategies shed light on the way I must step forward. Now I feel more confident while presenting a lecture, and I can have a better impact on my audiences.”

Sara dastjani

Musician, actor, & author

"I have worked with Audrey for over a year now and I can say it changed my life. Not only is Audrey using a different type of techniques, with her acting background, she even works with me on my scripts. It’s always fun to work with her and trust me...she hears EVERYTHING! I can really recommend to work with her!"

Hi, I’m Audrey!

Sometimes I have brown hair, sometimes I have blond hair.

Either way, I teach accents, communication skills, and public speaking to people all over the world. Coaching both famous actors and professionals in all different fields, I am passionate about making dialect work fun and accessible. And it works! In 2021 my client won an Oscar, Golden globe, BAFTA, NAACP, and SAG award for his portrayal of a very accent-heavy role.

Now I'm here to teach YOU all my secrets to mastering a general American dialect! Whether you're an actor, business professional, parent, or anything in between, I've designed this course to be effective for anyone who grew up outside of the US.


—40 classes for a fraction of the cost of a private session

—Master the vowel and consonant sounds that stump most learners with visuals and in-depth explanations

—Understand the "big picture" items that you may be missing that affect the rhythm, flow, and intonation

—Apply everything you're learning into practice texts and real film scripts

—Practice imitating other people with Oscar-award winning techniques


Simply put, you're in good hands.

With my BFA in Acting from Oklahoma City University and my decade of experience as a teacher, actor, and singer, I have coached accents and communication skills to clients from over 70 countries. I use a variety of creative, effective techniques that are catered to each person. 

Most notably, I was the dialect coach behind Daniel Kaluuya's 2021 Oscar/ Golden Globe/ BAFTA/ NAACP/ SAG-award-winning performance as Fred Hampton in Judas and the Black Messiah.

My business is broken up into three branches: 

  • Working actors learning dialects for auditions and general skills
  • Production dialect coaching for actors on film & TV: prep, on set dialect or acting coaching, and post-production
  • Corporate coaching for voice work, accent modification, communication, and public speaking skills


Doctors, models, HR representatives, stay-at-home moms, fitness instructors, CEO's, nurses, managers, engineers, authors, students, security guards, CFO's, small business owners, teachers, web designers, singers, priests, professors, photographers, doulas, programmer, social media influencers, government agents, engineers, salesman, and more!


Click below to check out some free previews and see which course is right for you (hint, it may be both!).


Not self-motivated enough for an online course? You're not alone! Many people choose to get the online course and then work privately with me to fill in the gaps and get more structure with specific homework.

—Get a more personalized approach with one-on-one sessions catered to your personal challenge areas

—Group classes on the American accent are run sporadically throughout the year on Zoom and in person--contact Audrey below or get on the email list to find out more!

One to One

Privates are designed around your goals, challenge areas, and ideal learning styles. At every step of the way I try to make the lessons applicable to your work, so that you can practice and apply everything we're learning! 


Book a workshop for whatever your team needs--communication skills, Americanized accent, how to do any dialect, or a specific accent. Workshops are catered to each group's needs and goals.

Script Work

For actors, I work directly with the text so that the actor feels confident to act in the accent. We may cover sound changes, the music of the accent, and the overall mouth shape. Written and recorded notes may be given as necessary.

Happy clients from:

Chris Ryman


“Audrey is without a doubt the best accent coach I have worked with and continue to work with. On top of that she is so much fun but you get the results. My first TV gig was a US production and the American actors thought I was an actor from New York as per my character - so thank you Audrey.”

Miguel angel silvestre


"Working with Audrey is fascinating. Not only does she help me with accent work, but we also work on my acting choices. She teaches me about American culture through the language and how that can directly affect the expressions of a character."

Dominique  Fishback

Emmy & BAFTA-nominated actress

"Working with Audrey always eased my mind and spirit. Her approach is to honor the character with the acting coming first, and the accent is the sweet touch. She has a gentle yet firm and knowledgeable hand with dialect and how to teach it. It has been such a privilege to work with her and I look forward to doing it again and again."